How Ho’oponopono healed a ward of mentally-ill Criminals magically?

Ho’oponopono is a magic word that Hawaiian healers use. But, what is so special about this word that it has the power to heal people miraculously?

Let me tell you a real story that happened in Hawaii, at the Hawaii State Hospital. This hospital had a special ward for the mentally ill criminals. People who have committed heinous crimes like rapes, murders, kidnapping etc. because of their mental disorder were hospitalized here. This place was so ominous that it was said that even the paint could not stick on the walls. The place was so disturbing that it always contained a fear of being attacked by the inmates on other inmates or the hospital staff every day.  Staff often took leaves to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of their attacks. Several doctors who took charge of this hospital, used to walk away when encountered with unpleasant situations.

One fine day, Dr. Hew Len, a clinical psychologist was appointed. The staff looked at him with contempt, thinking about the new guy, who as usual like other doctors would shower his studies and researches on them and would soon walk away when things go out of control.  However, Dr. Hew Len did nothing of this kind.

He came to the hospital every day but did nothing except asking for the inmates files. Every day he used to study the file but never attended even a single inmate.

Over a period of time, things changed dramatically. He ordered to repaint the hospital, and this time, the paint did stick to the wall. The feel of the environment improved. The cases of attacks among the inmates declined considerably. The garden outside the hospital was renovated. As they saw that inmates were becoming stable, they were allowed to have walk in the garden or even play. Within four years the entire ward was vacant as they all were healed! Finally, they had to close down the special ward.

What did this Doc do?? Is it really possible? I was baffled when for the first time I heard this story from Dr. Pradeep Pawar, Psychologist, vibratory medicine practitioner and founder of Quantum Awakening

So, what exactly Dr. Hew Len did to his patients? What treatment he gave, that the results were so stunning?

Well, he didn’t do anything, except looking at their files and healing himself. He healed himself with an old mantra of Hawaii called Ho’oponopono taught by his late teacher and sage Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona.

When asked what he did, he simply said that he was healing a part of himself that created them.

Well, I understand that is not easy to digest but you would agree to it as you read on.

What exactly he did to heal the mentally ill-criminals?

Every day he used to sit in his cabin, read thoroughly every inmates file and empathized with him. Then he took the entire responsibility of the inmate and started healing himself with Ho’oponopono. It meant that ‘I am sorry, please forgive me, I thank you and I love you’. He repeated these words with complete empathy and healed himself. This is how the patients were healed.

This is because the doctor felt that it was not the patients who needed healing. It was himself.

Understand, that the world you live in your creation. The way you perceive things is your reality. Though people seem to live on this world together, every person has a different perception of the world he/she lives in. You believe or not, but ‘thoughts become reality’.

So, at the very core, whatever we experience in our lives is the manifestation of our thoughts and we are completely responsible for it.

Whether you are deep down in debts, your kids are not obeying, you have recently broken up with your partner, you are not earning well, people don’t respect you… or whatever problem you have, and at the very core you are responsible for it.

Take responsibility of your problem, say sorry, ask for forgiveness from the divine, be grateful for what you have and accept as you are and love your divine self.

I have attended several seminars conducted by Dr. Pradeep Pawar, where he taught us quite a lot of techniques on self-healing.

One of the simplest ways of self-healing by Ho’oponopono I can share here is this:

Close your eyes. Keep your right hand at the heart centre (Anahat Chakra) Think about the most pressing problem you are confronting. Empathize. Accept the responsibility of the problem and say ‘I am sorry, Please forgive me, I thank you and I love you.’ Say these four sentences with all heart. 

You can repeat it as and when you feel like.

Do let me know your experiences in the comments

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For more information about Ho’oponopono you can visit their official website 

If you are book lover then you can read Dr. Joe Vitale ‘s ‘Zero Limits’

Listen to the experience right from Dr. Hew Len in this interview.


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